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#1 in Green Roofing in Gilbert, AZ

part of our Gilbert green roofing is also the installation of solar roofsOur natural resources, which include oil, coal, natural gas, and water, are all used to heat and cool homes and office buildings across the United States. Some of these resources aren't used in the structure that is being heated or cooled, but in the power plants that produce the electricity that makes it happen. This means that all of us are, in one way or another, consuming our precious natural resources on a daily basis. Since we don't have a say in how utility companies generate electricity or deliver natural gas, we need to become energy conservative if we're going to cut down on the consumption of these resources. One of the many ways to do that is with green roofing.

Green roofing is roofing that cuts down on energy consumption inside the structure that it covers. Reflective roofing, for instance, cools down the home or office building by reflecting heat from sunlight away form the building. PV roofing takes it one step further and uses that solar energy to store heat and use it later on. Solar panels used the stored solar energy to create electricity and power batteries inside a home that run all appliances and electronic devices.

a proper attic insulation will keep the heat outsideYour roof has a lot to do with how the interior of your home feels. It is also responsible for the drainage of rain water and snow-melt, ensuring that the liquid which can rot out foundations and cause basement leaks runs away from the house, not into it. Vegetative roofing is particularly effective at this. The vegetation roots and soil they are planted in absorb some of the water and the rest is funneled off in a drainage system which includes downspouts and gutters. Vegetative roofing is true green roofing. At Gilbert Roofing, we install, repair and maintain all types of green roofing in addition to traditional roofing such as slate and shingles. Call for more details.

  • Our green roofs last longer than any other roof
  • Green roofs save on energy expenses
  • Some green roofs can actually cool your house up to 25%
  • Some roofs Reduce the outside sound, almost 35 decimals
  • Green roofs will actually lower the use of instullation
  • A well built Gren roof will add to the price of the home by 20% 
  • By using green roofs it will create more jobs for people
  • If you have a gtreenm roof installed you can say bye to those roof drains

Green Roof Installations Will Create Jobs For The Following:

  • Landscapers
  • Contractors
  • Engeineering professional
  • Specialty garden nurseries
  • Companys that supply Land scpaing cloths
  • Companys supplying Irrigation systems
  • Companys supplying curbs