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a roof repaired by our professional Gilbert roofersWe are the neighborhood roofing company for Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, and Tempe. When our friends and neighbors need their roof repaired or replaced, they call us. That's the way it's been for a number of years now and the only thing that has changed is the number of friends and neighbors we have. Our community, which we consider to be the homes and businesses in our service area, has grown quite a bit over the years and is still growing today.

The best way to describe our roofing service would be to compare it to your favorite winning sports team. Teams win because each player knows his role and uses his or her talents for the good of the team, not to showcase their individual efforts. We have a lot of “superstars” on our roofing team, but they use their skills to enhance what we do as a company, not for their own benefit. That's the reason why we have been and still continue to be one of the most accomplished Gilbert roofing companies in the city.

Matt is on the roof using the drill to fix metal platesAnother thing that has kept us on top is our attention to new technology and developments in roofing and building techniques. Twenty years ago, solar panels were a novelty. Today, they are more popular due to increased knowledge about the limitations and relative scarcity of our natural resources. Other roofing materials have been developed using solar panel technology and not everyone knows how to install them or provide maintenance on them. The roofing techs at Gilbert Roofing do.

Knowledge, experience, and open-mindedness to new techniques and technology are what keep us moving forward. Hard work and dedication are what keep us rooted firmly. Our customers are what make it all worthwhile. That's what we're all about. Give us a call anytime to ask questions about your roofing needs or get an estimate.

Licensed Roofers in Gilbert, AZ

  • Our roofers are licensed and insured
  • Professional on the job
  • Allways on time
  • Quality work since 2000
  • 10 Year warranty on our service and products

Roofing Checklist

  • How many years has the company been around? 
  • If theres a problem wil your contractor be there to help? 
  • Do the roofers have the right tools for the job? 
  • Do they provide you with workmanship warranty? 
  • Are they offering you the top of the line products? 
  • The product there installing has warranty? 
  • Have they given you a start and finsh time for the job? 
  • Have i heard or seen  about workmans comp? 
  • Have i seen liabilty insurance and workers comp?

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